SWMM Analyzer

SWMM Analyzer software can help you to perform quick analysis of EPA-SWMM models results in terms of graphs and comparison of scenarios

Provalo subito


  • Loading EPA-SWMM model (INP file) (supported version 5.2)
  • Graphical view of the network: subdivision into layers, orthophoto loading, export image of the network, visualization of critical nodes (flooding)
  • Numerical view of data and simulation results
  • Graphical display of calculation results (image copy/export)

Ulteriori caratteristiche

  • View of longitudinal profiles, animation of water levels, visualization of maximum depth, critical nodes (flooding)
  • Running the simulation using calling SWMM engine
  • Status report view
  • Detail INP file view
  • Loading Scenario models (INP file)


Caratteristiche del sistema per l'installazione
  • OS: Windows 10, Windows 11 - 64 bit