CA.R. - Roundabout Capacity

newsCA.R. - The software has been developed by DIGICORP Ingegneria to calculate roundabout capacity, level of service (LOS) and queue delay and length.








   Download DEMO

Main Features

  1. calculation of roundabout capacity simple and total (france method SETRA and british Kimber)
  2. calculation of average vehicle delay, average and maximum queue length
  3. calculation of LOS - Level of Service (Highway Capacity Manual method)
  4. no limits for the number of approaches
  5. complete reports with graphics
  6. easy-to-use interface
  7. production of video of simulation
  8. help on-line with a video training course included!
  9. available as stand alone version or included into DIGICORP CIVIL Design

System Requirements

CA.R. is a stand alone software. All its function are included in DIGICOP CIVIL Design.
Operating systems: Windows 7, Vista, XP [SP2 or SP3].

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