Quarries and Dumps

This solution allows to perform planning and computing of quarries, tips, dams, hydraulic and maritime works. Managing of an unlimited number of topographic points groups, calculation of triangle or grid models, contours, cross sections and profiles. It provides powerful functionalities for 2D/3D planning and computing.

Brief Description

This solution includes a set of specific functions to represent the condition of a quarry or a dump and the planning of further excavation works, earth fillings and exploitation.
This solution proves to be an excellent instrument for planning and site verifications for linear works (access tracks) and for localized works; since it operates in 2D and 3D.
In Quarries and Dumps all the CIVIL Design functions allowing to generate and elaborate digital terrain models (DTM) both by triangles and by grid are available. On these surfaces it’s possible to perform elaborations in order to obtain contours, profiles and cross sections. There is no limitations as regards to the number of 3D models that can be represented in the same draw.
This means that it’s possible to obtain or cross sections corresponding to all the visualized models at the same time, thus following the development of a quarry exploitation or the tip fillings.
The planning of new levelling or filling works can be performed both working directly on cross sections and working on models with 3D draw functions.
Quarries and Dumps allows the making of models by parametric sections: it’s possible to insert banks and grading that observe the rules imposed by the designer.


  • georeference with rototranslation of raster images and numeric cartography
  • importing of orthophotos .asc
  • simultaneous handling of topographic points groups or aerophotogrammetric surveys
  • cartographic textures (hatches, symbols...)
  • 3D models creation, starting from topographic points groups, aereophotogrammetric and numeric cartography surveys
  • editing on digital models (cutting, holes, perimeter defining, projection of points on elevation)
  • automatic extraction of profiles and cross sections from all the available 3D models (surfaces or contours)
  • volume calculation by sections of any type of item (even distinguished according to working phase)
  • volume calculation by differences between models (with verification tables)
  • location of intersection portions between 3D models or between models and planes with given slopes
  • calculation of 3D models portions surface
  • use of parametric sections for bank and grading construction
  • automatic transposition on a 3D model surface of objects, such as trees, electricity pylons...
  • realistic 3D visualization

Which solutions does it include?

It entirely includes Profiles solutions with addition of specific functions;

In which solutions is it included?

Quarries and Dumps solution is entirely included in Civil Works;

Which solutions can complete it?

Topography solution for field survey calculation or Raster solution for planning on raster cartography.

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