QUICK Road Solution it’s made for single-axis roads, canals, river arrangement, aqueducts and drainage system planning. It has an excellent cost-benefit ratio.


With QUICK Road functions it’s possible to manage topographic surveys of any dimension and to generate the related 3D digital model both by triangles and by contours.
Linear planning is performed with the same functions of the main version (Road and Railways), setting the road axis, circular curves, and clothoids.
It’s important to point out that in the alignment elements insertion phase it’s already possible to control the observance of reference standards, thus reducing planning time as regards to controls that have to be performed afterwards. Once plan alignment has been defined, the software enables to calculate rotations and curve widening in conformity with regulations and, if necessary, to adapt them to specific requirements.
Specific commands allow to obtain immediately ground profile along the alignment and cross sections.
Known the ground development, you can proceed with the study of the design profile: tangents definition is followed by the insertion of vertical curves with immediate verification of the standards (circular or parabolic).
CIVIL DESIGN allows to define design cross sections according to parametric rules which enable to handle any cross section variation (such as parking tournouts…): template cross sections can be defined using any number of polylines which adapt to variations (widening, slope rotations, and so on…) according to rules imposed to the vertices composing them.
Marginal and integrative elements such as gutters, ditches, walls, drainage, topsoil , and so on.. can be inserted both manually and automatically in cross sections.
Planning phase ends with areas and volumes computing: once the user has defined items to compute the process is automatic and it is possible to obtain a final layout summing up partial and total results, essential to the computing.


  • managing of polylines in tables (by discontinuity, cross section lines, profiles...)
  • importing and exporting of ASCII files (points, polylines...)
  • georeference with rototranslation of raster images and numeric cartography
  • importing of .asc orthophotos
  • managing of topographic points
  • functions for cartographic texture (parametratura, hatches...)
  • creation of terrain model by 3Dfaces, grid and contours
  • possibility of model changing
  • interactive alignment planning with regulation control
  • automatic computing of rotations and widenings according to standard regulation
  • creating speed diagram
  • 2D sight distance control
  • cross sections complete managing
  • obtaining ground profiles and cross sections (from any model)
  • automatic labelling of profiles and cross sections
  • areas and volumes computing (complete of printout)
  • 2D plan and 3D project model
  • creating a dynamic sight film for verification of the planned road practicability

In which solutions is it included?

Quick Roads solution is entirely included in Roads and Railways and Civil Works.

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