New release 7.0


  • New functions to insert and to erase of alignment elements.
  • New commands to page the alignment using a planimetric subdivision in print layout.
  • New functions to create the automatic 3D design: now it’s possible to check the slope behavior in dependence of the chainage. Moreover the benches can have a slope value different from zero.
  • Management of new road norms: now you can use the French ICTAAL norm and the US AASHTO norm.
  • Added new functions in parametric rules of sections.
  • Now you can use digital models external from AutoCAD/BricsCAD. So you can reduce the design size maintaining always the same possibilities in calculation of sections and profiles.
  • New functions to transform the coordinate systems of more common AutoCAD/BricsCAD entities (not only points), and of CIVIL Design alignment and profile.
  • New command to import satellite images which have a georeferenced file.

News in raster Manager

  • Insert image from ECW: it’s a new command to insert ECW files with the possibility of selection on the zone, which has to be imported, in big size files.
  • Georeferenced raster images from GPS data files: georeference of satellite images which have a georeferenced file with the geographic coordinates of the contour.

News in Cartography and geodesy

  • DWG Conversion between cartographic systems: new command about transformation of dwg entities between cartographic systems with the creation of a new DWG containing the entities transformed in the destination coordinate system.
  • Alignment Conversion between cartographic systems: like in the previous command, but you should use only in conversion of alignments and profile views.

News in Topography

  • Compatibility with version 10.6 of Pregeo

News in Levellings and Excavations

  • 3D Gradings: we have added the bench slope in the case of the grading creation with associated alignment.
  • Slopes in model: new command to insert the slope symbol inside the 3D faces in a digital model, useful also in water flow view.

News in Alignment and profile

  • Completely renewed the view of commands about the section management on alignment and profile.
  • Create contour table and Generate layout: new commands to create print layout about alignment parts using print rectangles on planimetric alignment.
  • Editor: new functions to edit alignment elements: adding, erasing, and aggregating of different elements.
  • Added a new French norm ICTAAL.
  • Added a new US norm AASHTO.
  • Automatic 3D Design: it has been added the management, separated from the style, of the gradings and benches with the definition of its behavior based on chainage.
  • Alignment elevation: it has been added the altimetry elevation of the alignment based on its design profile.
  • Labelling on alignment: it has been added the range label type.

News in Sections

  • Automatic Sections: it has been added the definition of the bench slope.
  • Parametric rules: it has been extended the function of the rules which complain a slope insertion. It has been added the variables cut left, cut right, fill left, fill right associated with the slopes of cut and fill.
  • Parametric rules: it has been added the possibility to define CUSTOM variables based on chainage, which are used in parametric rules.
  • Area Table in the draw: it has been added the possibility to export in CSV format the data from every selected frame like section name, chainage, area values and lengths in dependence of the used items.

News in Laser Scan

  • Surfaces from Point Clouds: it has been added the function which allows the creation of elevation curves in a model built on point clouds, with the possibility to show the band between a curve and its next with a color grading.
  • DTM <->Point Clouds: new command to convert a DTM in a file BPC (point cloud format) and vice versa.
  • Extension of functions as section computing and 3D Design creation to point clouds with triangulated selections.

News in Google Earth

  • Publish on Google Earth: it has been added the possibility to export AutoCAD/Bricscad entities in Google Earth with 3 modes: following the ground elevation, setting the entities with the design elevation (over the sea level), exporting the 2D entities on the ground elevation and the 3D entities with the design elevation.

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