Civil Works

Civil Works solution includes all the functionalities of Roads and Railways and of Quarries and Dumps solutions: it’s the most powerful instrument for civil engineering planning and computing.

General Features

Civil Works allows to deal with and successfully solve the most varied and complex planning issues, such as roads and highways, ordinary and high-speed railways, dams, maritime works, airports, territorial expanse arrangements and all interventions both on linear and localized works.

The base from which it’s possible to plan can be a terrain digital model DTM, created starting from the 3D or 2D drawing of a topographic survey, a cartographic base or a raster image.
the most interesting aspect of this solution consist in the possibility to operate at the same time both in linear works and on localized works, exploiting entirely all CIVIL Design potentialities.

Which solutions does it include?

Civil Works solution entirely includes Roads and Railways, Quarries and dumps Solutions and, therefore, QUICK Roads, Profiles and Computing Sections solutions.

Which solutions can complete it?

Topography solution, for field survey calculation; Raster solution, for preliminary planning on raster cartography; Road Signage solution, for road signs table production. Add-On Modules are available for specific issues.

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