Module S - Roads

Module S provides functionalities that make single-axis road planning simple and easy. Planning phase is simplified by continuous comparison with parameters provided for by Italian standards (DM 5 Nov 2001) and by automatic computing of design quantities. User can automatic update the entire project gaining a lot of tim due to modifications.


  • axis definition with transition curves (clothoids and parabolas)
  • computing of rotations and widening according to Italian standards
  • speed diagram and complete verification of alignment and profile
  • computing of terrain cross sections and profiles
  • design tangent study
  • automatic insertion of parametric design sections and possibility of automatic updating after design modifications
  • computing of material movements by sections
  • sight distance controls according to Italian standards
  • reconstruction of design planimetry
  • 3D model of the planned road
  • making of AVI videos for the practicability of the planned road
  • making of virtual models that can be handled with standard softwares and that can be published on Internet (possibility of free movement within the planned work)
  • altimetric and slope analysis, DTM exposure analysis
  • rail tunnel control
  • aqueducts and drainage profiles
  • possibility to handle railway alignments with cubic parabola

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